Success is making it. Excellence is staying successful

We believe passionate and committed bloggers should succeed in making a full-blown career out of their blogs. We believe, too, that temporary success is not enough.

Creators that pour their hearts and souls and buckets-full of sweat equity into their blogs should see sustained success, and become excellent. The way we help creators become excellent is by making the process of blogging success simple, fun, and effective.

We do that through our guides, coaching, DFY services and the Excellent Bloggers community.

Lets talk business.

Meet Your New Coach

Alejandro Meyerhans has been helping bloggers grow their business, get unstuck with SEO, and transition to full-time careers for years. 

He’s managed a private portfolio of blogs worth over $1 million, built (from scratch) and sold multiple six figures worth of blogs, and currently runs his own portfolio of blogs (in topics as mixed as food, automotive, home improvement, and fashion).

He’s also helped 200+ successful bloggers get to the next level with their earnings through private 1:1 consultations and the most comprehensive, layman-friendly SEO audits in the industry.

And he wants to help you next.

What we do


Dedicated one-to-one coaching for bloggers looking to get to the next level. Single sessions and monthly packages available. Let’s talk.

DFY Services

For when you rather have the pros do it. Redesigning your website (the SEO smart way), cleaning toxic backlinks, speeding up your site, handling all the day-to-day SEO work… See how we can help you.


Thorough articles that will help you with anything from finding great keywords nobody knows about, creating content your readers will love, increasing your ad revenue to ranking for the big stuff.


[LAUNCH APRIL 2022] an exclusive community for successful bloggers who want to have a space for some real business talk, support each other, and get access to some of the best minds in the industry.

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What our clients have to say

Zephyr Basine

College Fashion

“It’s been a total pleasure working with Alex and the team at Blogger Excellence.

From our first SEO audit, I knew this company was unlike any other. We have a huge site with more than 5,000 posts and from day 1, they had suggestions for every one of them. Everything was explained in simple, actionable terms. It was like having a checklist for how to improve our entire site, step by step.

In a few short months, Alex and the team have helped us streamline so many aspects of our business, from overhauling our SEO approach to upgrading our site speed, to redesigning our website and branding from top to bottom. They even had actionable steps to help us improve our conversions on the affiliate side.

I’ve learned so much about SEO from Alex and the team, and I trust them completely to manage our site’s SEO strategy. I love that they keep track of the metrics for us so we can focus on what we do best, creating content.

I also love that the team is so responsive and things get done FAST. I never have to wait long for an answer to a question or for a tech issue to be fixed.

I would absolutely recommend Blogger Excellence to any blog owner looking to take their business to the next level.”

“Their suggestions were clearly laid out and made sense; we paid them to implement all of them. As promised, our experience was thorough, fast and reasonably priced. After a few months we are seeing a turnaround and are thrilled with the results.” We would absolutely recommend their services to any publisher who wants SEO expertise on their side.

Kyle McCarthy

Family Travel Forum

“Their detailed action plan, personalized for your site, helped me understand the exact steps I needed to take to see instant gains to my site’s speed and user experience. ”

Jaclyn Hastings

Jac of All Things

“I highly recommend Blogger Excellence for taking care of the not so fun technical side of blogging. We were impressed by how available Alejandro was during our audit and for doing a fantastic job in optimizing our site for speed.”

Hilda Solares

Fit To Serve Group

Immediately Improve Your Blogging Game

We’ve worked with some of the most uber-successful bloggers in niches as wildly varied as recipes, travel, photography, gardening, fashion, homeschooling, diet, fishing, psychology, dog training, social media… and we’ve seen a pattern.

They all do these 10 things

ALL OF THEM, ALL THE THINGS. Consistently. And they all make 5, 6 and a few even 7 figures per month (I know, wild). 

Best part?

It’s not even hard stuff. 

We’ll even tell you how to do it yourself too.