Blogger Excellence started as an online publishing house in the Automotive industry, where we’ve been running four brands since 2016. If it’s got wheels (any amount of them!), we’re there, publishing the finest content about it and pushing it up the SERPs. And it’s served us very well so far.

SEO has been our bread and butter and business’ lifeblood for years now. We walked before we talked.

At some point, people started asking, “hey, can you guys help me with my site?” Then we realized there were tons of incredibly talented and hard working creators struggling to get the eyeballs they deserved on their content through Google.

So we decided to start offering SEO services to help them break through with their business and thrive. You can learn more about our services here. We’re still pretty boutique in size, at the end of the day, publishing is our main business and we prefer to work with just a handful of creators that truly want to make things happen.
If that’s you, drop us a line here!

Meet the Team

Alex Meyerhans

Founder & CEO

Alejandro is a digital marketer and SEO from Spain who’s obsessed with strategy and fixing things. When he’s not working on growing sites, he’s building and riding motorcycles or playing Civilization.

Cindy Fernandez

Research Specialist

Cindy is a dynamic Web Researcher who has been with the team for quite a while. She is steadfast, determined, and always up-to-date with vast knowledge in Microsoft Excel, Market Research, and Data Mining.


Front End Developer

Kurt has been into creating websites for over 3 years. He is a programmer who enjoys traveling and discovering new landscapes. Kurt’s focus is now on making websites faster.

Nicole Zafra

Graphic Designer

Nicole is a Graphic Designer. Other than designing, she is focusing on self-growth and development, building efficient processes and workflow management. She loves travelling and taking photos of amazing places.


Operations Manager

Chelzee is an operations manager who loves organizing, setting up systems and processes. She loves spending time in the church, with her family (and cats), and practicing the bass guitar & piano.

Jane Trumata

Front End Developer

Jane has experience with E-commerce, CMS and Game development. In her free time, she loves to read books. Currently, she’s working on polishing her Web Development skills.

Kerly Rosal

SEO Assistant

Kerly is a Tax Accountant by trade turned SEO and Digital Marketing nerd. He is also a stock market trader and an aspiring entrepreneur. And in his free time, he loves to read books.

About Alejandro Meyerhans

alex meyer hans

I have been deep into SEO for many years now, and it all started with a simple question “what if I start a car blog and travel with the cash?”

Then I discovered how HARD it was to do SEO the right way. “Free traffic,” they said. Well… we have an expression in Spain to answer to that I’ll refrain to use. It’s not free. It’s hard work.

Oh yeah, Spain.

I’m from a small city in the southeast called Elche. There’s nothing there, honestly. Roundabouts and palm trees. A decaying shoe manufacturing industry.

I had to do something else. Something I could do anywhere in the world. Something that had the potential to add tremendous value to people.

Hence SEO. 

And that’s brought me to travel all around the world, attending conferences and masterminds, and connecting with other fellow SEOs and marketers, and to work with hundreds of publishers to help them kick a lot of a** on Google!

Some conferences I’ve attended to are:

  1. Chiang Mai SEO 2017
  2. Chiang Mai SEO 2018 (My recap here)
  3. Chiang Mai SEO 2019 + Invitational SEO Mastermind
  4. DCx Taipei 2019
  5. DCBKK 2019

I also help run a mastermind group for digital business owners in the city of Chiang Mai twice a year. 

Some articles and places I’ve been featured on:

  1. Mediavine – How to write affiliate content that sells
  2. ShortPixel – The #1 SEO win you can get right now
  3. SEO Butler – Making 200k from FB Ads (with some insane ROAS)
  4. Warrior Forum – Behind the perfect backlink
  5. The HOTH – How to structure affiliate sites for link building
  6. Human Proof Designs – The Ultimate Off-Page SEO Guide
  7. Human Proof Designs – Does the KGR Method truly work
  8. Human Proof Designs – Silos vs Clusters (Website Architecture)

I now have a very strong emphasis on Technical and onpage SEO, and my mission is to help content creators reach more of their audience on the search engines by helping them build and present their content in the exact way Google wants to see it.

You can get in touch with me on Facebook or via email at alex[at]

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