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Full SEO Audit

Losing traffic? Hit a plateau?

We’ll uncover every single issue and opportunity with your site’s SEO and provide you with a thorough plan of action.

Part 1: Technical Audit

Our full three-front SEO audit covers each and every angle of the site’s SEO health, from index, to speed, low hanging fruit keywords, meta data, schema, competitor link analysis… The single most comprehensive audits you’ll get, with a clearly laid down data analysis presented for non-SEOs,

Including a comprehensive action plan and how-to guides for you to be able to work through every item on that list and DIY any necessary fixes. 

An audit designed to give you the necessary info AND tools to do your own SEO the right way.

Part 2: Content Audit

“Get rid of your bad content” – Everyone’s 2022 top SEO tip that is way too scary to implement.

It works though when done right.

We’ll analyze 20+ metrics on every single piece of content on your website to prepare a comprehensive action plan for you outlining: What to update, what to delete, where to 301 to, what pages to merge, which ones to deindex..

We’ll also provide you with specific recommendations on what to improve on those pages, in what order, and why. Including training videos on how to do all this and a hell of a lot of other tips.

We’ll help you get rid of the dead weight and revitalize your top content to reach new traffic heights.

  • Thorough site’s SEO health overview with a technical analysis and correlational analysis to pin down the main issues with the site’s performance.
  • Technical SEO: Crawl stats, Index status, Sitespeed.
  • OnPage SEO: Content Optimization for target keywords. Best practices (Htags, alt tags, broken links, rich media, readability, etc)
  • OffPage SEO: Analysis of strength/toxicity of the entire backlink profile. Link gap analysis
  • Low hanging fruit tips to help you get compound results: snippet reverse engineering, easy win-keywords, simple onpage adjustments…
  • Full action plan weighed by priority with our in-house step-by-step fix guides included + additional short training videos by Alejandro.
  • Comprehensive per-page analysis using over 20+ metrics (like traffic, engagement, social shares, keywords, trends, backlinks, etc) and action plan.
  • Know exactly what to do with every single page on your site.
  • Additional updated robots.txt to remove bloat and 301 maps to fix cannibalization, lost link juice, and 404 issues.
  • Additional keyword research to help you bridge the gap (in whichever areas necessary)

Speed Optimization

Bad PS Insight times? Site takes forever to load? Your bounce rate is through the roof? Ad Scores looking sad?

We’ll speed you up your site to hit the golden targets (the things that actually mater for SEO and User Experience):

– Green render times in PS Insights

– Under two seconds load time on your heaviest, most visited pages.

Don’t get fooled by the raw PS Insights score or the experimental GSC speed data. That’s a quick way to go insane and waste money

We’ve optimized almost a thousand sites. We know what works for SEO.

  • Comprehensive plugin analysis and optimization to minimize weight and increase compatability.
  • Full suite of site security improvements (no site is slower than one that’s down!)
  • Full image optimization (weight, size, format, lazy loading)
  • Complete code minification (html, css, js)
  • Asynchronous loading of scripts.
  • Complete cache setup for blazing-fast loading feeling
  • Make your site fast the way Google cares about, and the way users want to feel it.

Index Management

The single biggest mistake we see publishers do in 2022 is ignore their index size. Attachments, tags, other thin pages…

They’re dragging you down and hurting your rankings.

Let us fix this major issue.

  • Comprehensive analysis of GSC data (sitemaps, index size, crawl stats)
  • Configuration of taxonomies and index rules within your site.
  • Update your sitemaps and robots.txt files to prevent bloat.
  • Manually remove every single URL bloating your index.

Backlink Cleanups

Links are the strongest ranking signal, and they also are incredibly nuanced. Acquiring backlinks isn’t all there is when it comes to Off-Page SEO.

Sometimes you have to get rid of backlinks.

If you’ve done everything and are still stuck, or you’ve gotten a manual/suspect an algorithmic penalty, we’ll fix it.

  • Complete link analysis with over 6+ link sources (nope your GSC isn’t enough) and 10+ metrics with our in-house link toxicity measurements.
  • Craft and submission of a disavow file.
  • Monitoring and adjustments as necessary. (when lifting manual penalties, this is done until penalty is removed or you get a full refund)

Fully Managed SEO

Tired of trying to figure out what Google wants? Hard to keep up with the updates and creating content at the same time?

Let us completely take off the burden of SEO for you and get you results like never before.

We will start with a complete end-to-end Technical and Content audit (our two flagship services) and prepare an action plan. Then, month by month, we’ll sort out every single issue on your site, optimize your content, monitor your keywords, traffic, backlink… 

We only onboard one new client per month, and work on a long-term basis. Get in touch with us to see if we’re a good fit.

  • Bullet-proof your SEO: All technical fixes included.
  • Get compound wins: Continious on-page improvements and content optimizations.
  • Increase your bottom line: we do revenue-focused SEO, working on the pages that drive the most revenue, and improving your RPMs, engagement, pageviews…
  • Monthly reporting of all KPIs such as backlinks, keywords, page 1 positions, traffic, trends.
  • Calls with Alejandro to cover progress, strategy, solve your questions…
  • Honestly, more stuff than we could possibly list here.

Website Design

Information Coming Soon…

  • Information Coming Soon…

SEO Consulting

Stuck? Got Questions? Need an expert’s POV on something that’s driving you crazy?

Sit down on a one-hour call with Alejandro, he’ll analyze your site and your issue and will tell you exactly what you need to do to get unstuck.

Pick an industry leading’s SEO brain responsible for millions of Pageviews per month, from your home.

  • Two 1 hour slots are available per week, times flexible Mon-Thu 6am to noon EST time.
  • Get a solution to your SEO issues – guaranteed to get you unstuck or get a full refund.
  • $299/hour