Why Site Speed Matters NOW More than ever

Core web vitals are a direct ranking factor in the SERPs. Here’s the thing: Google is going to whack slow sites. You may have great content, and an awesome product but if the technical SEO aspects of your site aren’t sound, you just won’t make it. And Site Speed is a HUGE part of it. Every millisecond is GOLD.

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Blogger Excellence can Speed Up Your Site

We at Blogger Excellence have been in the SEO industry for many years, helping tons of incredibly talented and hard-working creators increase their site traffic through white-hat SEO best practices.

In terms of WordPress speed optimization, our goal for your site is to hit the golden targets (the things that actually matter for SEO and User Experience):

  • Green render times in PS Insights (FCP / Blocking Time)
  • Green Cumulative Layout Shift
  • Under two seconds load time on your heaviest, most visited pages.

Don’t get fooled by the raw PS Insights score. That’s a quick way to go insane and waste money. You could be in the high 70s with those 3 things above in the green and do 1,000 times better than a site in the 90s with poor CLS.

We’ve optimized almost a thousand content-heavy and eCommerce sites. We know what works for SEO.

We know what makes your business a BUSINESS.

We’ll oomph your site speed without ludicrous propositions like taking your ads off because we know what really matters.

We deliver ACTUAL results!

We’ve done all kinds of sites and topics from gardening, fishing, parenting, food blogs, eCommerce, automotive, services agencies… we know how to make you fast. Have a look below at our typical results.


Don’t just take our word for it:

Jessica Haggard

Primal Edge Health

I hired Alex and his team for a site audit but had some very specific and unusual requests. They went above and beyond my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with the work we did together! No details were left untouched and I’m in a much better place because of it. I would highly recommend Blogger Excellence to any of my friends looking for SEO optimization or site speed improvements.

Ziggy Oskwarek

Ziggy Knows Disney

I heard about Alex from other website owners who had worked with him in the past and they all spoke very highly of him and how much he helped improve their site speed and SEO rankings.

I decided to hire him as my SEO consultant and since I started working with him my Google traffic has literally doubled, and I’m not even close to finishing all his suggestions yet!

Alex is hard-working, very insightful and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to drastically improve the SEO on their site as he can help make the difference!

Craig Lewis

The Pinterest Marketer & Craig Lewis Fitness

Deciding to work with Blogger Excellence was an easy decision. 

From our first conversation with Alejandro, I was impressed with his professionalism and his wealth of knowledge.

For example, during our initial discovery call, he made a simple suggestion that nearly doubled my site speed! 

And it only got better from there—all deliverables were received ahead of schedule, my questions were answered almost immediately, and my organic traffic is currently up 20% over last year (and I haven’t even actioned everything in my SEO audit). 

highly recommend working with Alejandro and would not hesitate to hire him again in the future. 

Kristina Portillo

Business Travel Life

I contacted Blogger Excellence and they were very responsive.

I explained the issues I was having on my website and my concerns to Alejandro, and he provided with  multiple recommendations and rapidly improved my site speed.


One-time fee

(+1 year speed maintenance included! NO other agency offers this)

  • Plugin optimization
  • Theme change to GeneratePress (if necessary)
  • WP Rocket premium
  • ShortPixel configuration
  • CDN Setup & configuration (cloudflare)

Speed Optimization Service

Plus all these other technical fixes

  • Optimization Of Your WordPress Website On Your Existing Hosting
  • Browser Caching Configuration & Tuning
  • Page Caching Configuration & Tuning
  • CSS & Javascript (JS) Optimization, Tuning, Minification & Combining As Supported By Your Theme
  • Database Optimization, Cleanup & Scheduled Maintenance Implementation
  • SQL Server Tuning (if you’re on a VPS and we have access)
  • 301 Redirect Optimization
  • .HTACCESS File Optimization
  • Theme Optimization As Far As Your Theme Supports
  • WordPress Plugin Updates & Patching As Required
  • Plugin Review & Pruning As Required
  • Server Compression Tuning As Required
  • HTTPS Implementation for HTTP2 Protocol Support AND Better SEO (if you’re not already on HTTPS)
  • PHP 7.x Upgrade
  • PHP Tuning As Required
  • TTFB Optimization where required
  • 404 Error Analysis & Rectification
  • DNS Record Optimization & Tuning For Speed
  • Google Tag Manager Setup & Implementation (strongly recommended if you have Livechat or a lot of 3rd party tags)

Ready to take the first step?

Here’s what will happen:

Step 1

Our team of SEO experts will analyze your site, free of charge.

Step 2

We’ll Clarify the scope of work, and see if there are other SEO issues that need to be addressed

Step 3

You formalize your booking and
we add you to our calendar.

Step 6

Happy rankings!

Step 5

We optimize your site inside-out and put together a comprehensive report for you.

Step 4

We send you a full site speed audit for your notes on plugins, etc, so we know how you’re using everything

Frequently asked questions

Can you fix my core web vitals “slow site” issues?

That’s exactly what we’ll do in this service. Not only that, we also offer SEO consultations, SEO Audits, Content Audits, Index Management, Backlink Clean-ups, and a full-suite SEO Management Service. See our other services here.

Can you get me in the 90s on the PS Insights mobile score?

Maybe. What we’ll get you is green render times, under two seconds load time, and a site that feels hella fast. That’s what Google and humans care for. The raw PSInsights score isn’t the end all be all metric people make it to be.

Do you work on Wix / Blogger / Squarespace sites?

We don’t  do speed optimization on those CMS’s (Bc it’s just not possible up to Google’s standards ha) but we’ll happily migrate you to WordPress if you want. Get in touch with us now.

Are there any themes or hostings you do not work with?

We work exclusively in self-hosted wordpress sites (wordpress.org)

For Speed Optimization services, we do not support sites built on Divi (sorry, it’s going to break), running WooCommerce or hosted on Performance Foundry.

Other themes might pose a serious challenge to make fast. If you’re looking forward to getting rid of your old theme, we’ll migrate you to GeneratePress at no additional cost.

Do you offer help with hosting/ CMS migrations?

We don’t offer migrations or server-issues related help as a standalone service, but we can always point you to the right person. (Our network is wide and we know who the top professionals are.)

Do you offer WordPress Support?

We don’t offer technical WP support as a standalone service. Our managed SEO service includes taking care of the tech stuff (plugins, theme, broken links, etc) when it would affect the site’s SEO.

Do you have testimonials?

We sure do. See what other bloggers like you have to say about our work here.

Do you provide payment plans or bundle pricing?

If you need multiple services done on your site (i.e SEO Audit and Speed Optimization) we can work a more favorable pricing for you. Get in touch with us here.

Payment plans are available for services totalling over $3,000.

Do you offer any kind of guarantees?

For specific fixes (speed, index, backlinks), we guarantee the issue will be fixed regardless how many runs it takes to get it complete (which usually is just one, but sometimes an issue might come back).

For Audits, we guarantee they’ll blow your socks off. But since they do not include hands-on work, it’s on you to execute.

In terms of results, this is SEO, we can’t guarantee any kind of traffic specifics. We both know that.

What we do guarantee is that we’ll bust our tails to get your site rank as high as possible on Google and that we’ll care for you.

What’s your refund policy like?

We offer partial (50%) refunds on our speed optimization service in cases where, while greatly optimized, we fail (even if it is by a small margin) to hit our targets, upon demand.

I’m ready to move forward, what does your availability schedule look like?

Depending on the time of the year, we may be fully booked from 2 to 6 weeks. If your issue is urgent, get in touch first. We will let you know exactly when work will start and end after your booking.